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The Drunken Pot (Causeway Bay)

  • 8.5 Taste
  • 8.5 Decor
  • 7.0 Service
  • 8.0 Overall
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Address 27/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣登龍街18號V Point 27樓
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Opening hours Monday to Thursday : 11:30AM - 01:00 AM
Friday to Sunday : 11:30AM - 02:00 AM
Average Price HK$400 P.P
Cuisines Seafood , Chinese - Guangdong , Hot pot
Landmarks Causeway Bay - V Point
Restaurant Features Great View , Casual Dining , Family gathering , Group gathering , Friends , Wide View
Admittedly, Hong Kong people love hot pot most, but the traditional hot pot restaurant can not satisfy everyone's pursuit of hot food! The new hotpot hot spot "TheDrunkenPot " is being developed to break the tradition. With the fashionable street art, the new style of eating and drinking, the relaxed atmosphere and strong music, it brings innovative gluttonous experience to Hong Kong food lovers.

In this new era of artistic environment, the traditional hot pot has evolved into an innovative flavor of soup bottom, coupled with innovative furnishing hotpot ingredients, a brand new concept of hot pot shop " TheDrunkenPot" will be landed on the No. 8 of the Observatory Road on January 1, 2016 , It will become a new catering hot spot in Tsim Sha Tsui..

The origin of the "TheDrunkenPot " comes from 18 kinds of carefully chosen soup bottoms, from "high-grade Shaoxing wine Drunken Chicken pot", "Chicken with medicinal diet" to "Sichuan spicy pot", "saka Clam Coconut Chicken pot" and so on, the choice is dazzling. Guests can also constitute a four-in-one hot pot - "famous all over the world", or add secret papaya cup, to become a five-in-one "Wine fire into the pot " soup bottom , with unlimited creativity to bring outstanding hot pot food. If you want to add a little excitement, "Saka Bomb" and "Spicy Bomb" can bring endless surprises for new ideas.
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  • 1152164
    2019-03-12 Tuesday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 6
    • Overall: 8

    Great Harbour view. decent food quality and taste. however, RW lunch menu is hardly filling and as a party of 6, the sashimi they served were only 4 shrimp + 4 piece of salmon +3 scallops. No mentioning at all for the HKD 22 per head of the hot pot source change - which they served in the beginning but we hardly used. When the bill came, somehow they charged a LA carte menu price initially (50%+ more than RW lunch set). A lot disappointed at the she vice

  • Member
    2019-03-10 Sunday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 6
    • Overall: 7

    This was my first time to this restaurant. The food was decent and the place had some harbour view. I think the soup base had MSG as I felt blotted afterwards.

    Service was not good. When the bill arrived, we were charged $22 per head + 10% for sauce... there was no mention of this charge on the menu, and the sauce were just passed to us on arrival without asking. We thought that was a sneaky way to charge customers.

  • Member
    2019-03-09 Saturday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 6
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 7

    Very nice soup base and beef, though the portion in the set menu is not sufficient so we ended up ordering more. Good food and service.

  • Ysa
    2019-03-07 Thursday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 9

    The Drunken Pot is probably one of my fav place to eat. And The Drunken Pot offers a panoramic view of the gorgeous Victoria Harbour aside from their very good-value hotpot lunch deals. Highly recommended!

    As for the soup base, I recommend the truffle one, which is only $68. It goes really well with all sorts of ingredients like the angus beef, fish dumplings, tofu etc.

  • charmaine728
    2019-02-01 Friday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 8

    Heard this is opened by a very young lady who is passionate about food and taste. The environment is very chill and dope. There is graphic on the wall and the food are special. Can tell it is a fusion place. The soup broth we had involved in 5 different combinations which we can try it allll


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